Friday, October 22, 2010

September is the Cruelest Month

When bad things happen in my family they happen all at once.  Two years ago it was mom's aneurism, little bro's ridiculous arrest (DUI on a bicycle, for christsakes!), and me causing a painful burn on my husband's hand by not putting the lid on a scalding hot cup of coffee.  All in two days' time.

This year things were spread out over the month of September: 
  • September 3rd--Tina's position at The Old Job eliminated
  • September 24th--Alex and Cortnee in a head-on collision
  • September 26th--Oma (my grandmother in Germany) passed away
Consider this my apology for not updating my blogs.  Fortunately, Courtnee and Alex are recovering after their ordeal.  Both had to have major surgeries and will take months to recover, but we are lucky they survived!

So here's the good news:  I got a JOB!!!!  Things really started to turn around in October when I had my first ever phone interview.  I had applied for a Technical Editor position with a software company the day after I became unemployed because it was the only job match had for me.  Because I hadn't heard from them all month, I put the job out of my mind and kept applying elsewhere.  As it turns out, Jana (my recruiter) hadn't called me because she thought I was more interested in the apartment industry than editing!  I explained how hard it is to get editing positions without prior experience/internships, but I was fortunate enough to have a friend who fought for me getting hired at KBR (thanks, Mel!).

Jana told me all about the company and who would be interviewing me when I went for my face-to-face interviews, and I was really excited!  After hanging up, I turned to David and told him this was it--the perfect job.  For the first time in my life, I wasn't nervous going into an interview.  I did my research, went over a few things I wanted to make sure to discuss, and took a risk with the edited work I chose to present.  I nailed it.  I start work on Monday, October 25th, and I'm giddy like a school girl.