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I started this blog when, for the first time since I was fifteen and legal to work, I was out of a job.  With the job market saturated with "in transition" workers, I found it important to stand out.  I suppose that's what I tried to imply with the title of this blog.  Clever, no?

I planned to document each step of my journey towards gainful employment here, and thankfully, that didn't take very long.  Though my jobless state was brief, I hope my original posts can serve as a primer for what to do (and what not to do) when thrown back on the market.

Now that I've found a job again I plan to continue blogging.  I realize there are jobs and companies that stand out too!  There are independent, upstart, and small companies everywhere that thumb their noses at conglomocorps.  (See how I brought the thumb back around?  I'm really too clever for my own good.)  So, I guess my aim now is to impress upon you that there is hope; working doesn't have to make you feel like a mindless drone.  I type all of this just one week after starting my job, so why don't we explore together how long this feeling lasts?

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